Guide to District Heating

Knowledge base and Gudiance for Cities and Towns on District Heating developed by the HeatNetNWE Interreg project.

SECAP Guidebook (3 Parts)

Official JRC guidebook in three parts on how to write a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.

Covenant of Mayors - Reporting Guidelines

Guidelines to complete the data compilation and reporting framework required to eavery signator of the Covenant of Mayors.

JRC Publications - EU SCIENCE HUB

EU Sciece Hub with publications of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), providing EU citizens, governments and businesses with free digital access to official information and data from JRC research.

Quick Reference Guide Monitoring SECAP implementation

Short guidelines to complete the data monitoring and reporting of SECAP implementation for signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.

Compete4SECAP Project

The Compete4SECAP project (C4S) aimed at helping local authorities put their existing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) into action.

EBRD Green Economy Transition Knowledge Hub

The EBRD Green Economy Transition knowledge hub showcases GET-related publications about energy efficiency in the corporate and energy sector, about the EBRD’s Green Economy Finance Facilities, climate change adaptation and the Bank’s climate finance partnerships.

Naturklima - Gipuzkoa Cliate Change foundation Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub of Naturklima, the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council's Climate Change Foundation, attached to the Council’s Department of the Environment.

Euroheat - Knowledge Hub

Comprehensive database of resources linked to district heating and cooling, including academic reports & studies, research projects outcomes, market analysis as well as other relevant content to the sector.

Smart Cities Market Place

EU marketplace platform that aims to bring cities, industries, SMEs, investors, researchers and other smart city actors together.


ManagEnergy is a European Commission initiative dedicated to regional and local energy agencies with the objectives of assisting them in becoming leaders in the energy transition and of increasing sustainable energy investments in regions and cities.

Interreg - EU Regional Development Fund

Interreg Europe helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy. We create an environment and opportunities for sharing solutions and policy learning.

Guidelines for energy auditing

Guidelines for energy auditing

Renovation wave

The Commission published on 14 October 2020 a new strategy to boost renovation called "A Renovation Wave for Europe – Greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives" (COM(2020)662).

Upgrade DH

Database of collection how to uprade district heating networks in Europe

Celsius toolbox about district energy

Knowledge base for district energy

Technology data cost sheets

Cost data sheets for energy generation and distribution provided by the Danish Enrgy Agency

Spatial Planning in Denmark

Guideline about Spatial Planning based on the case study Denmark


The IEA DHC deals with the design, performance and operation of distribution systems and consumer installations.