Hotmaps is an open-source heating/cooling mapping and planning toolbox with a default EU28-wide dataset at national and local level. It allows public authorities to identify, analyze, model and map resources and solutions to supply energy needs in a resource and cost-efficient way. Hotmaps can help authorities to develop heating and cooling strategies on local, regional and national scale in line with RES and CO2-Emission targets.

DH Knowledge

A data repository on District Heating, especially low temperature DH, in Baltic Sea Region countries and a set of ICT tools to provide actors responsible for energy supply systems with basic knowledge that allows an insight into the necessity of future sustainable DH concepts.

Celcius Toolbox

The Celsius Toolbox aims to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for cities interested in developing district energy (district heating and cooling) solutions. It addresses cities which are just beginning to implement small-scale district heating and cooling networks as well as cities with large established systems endeavoring for even smarter and more efficient solutions.

Euroheat - Knowledge Hub

Comprehensive database of resources linked to district heating and cooling, including academic reports & studies, research projects outcomes, market analysis as well as other relevant content to the sector.

THERMOS TOOL for designing heat networks

THERMOS TOOL: Open Source heating/cooling network calculation tool

Upgrade DH

Database of collection how to uprade district heating networks in Europe

Planheat tool

EU-funded Project that developed and validated in real case scenarios an integrated and easy-to-use tool to helps local authorities select, simulate and compare alternative low-carbon and economically sustainable scenarios for heating and cooling.

Celsius toolbox about district energy

Knowledge base for district energy


Project homepage for spatial energy planning in Austria

Waste heat

Simple to for estimating waste heat potentials in sveral countries

Technology data cost sheets

Cost data sheets for energy generation and distribution provided by the Danish Enrgy Agency


Tool for analysing and simulating the energy system of a neighbourhood

Spatial Planning in Denmark

Guideline about Spatial Planning based on the case study Denmark


The IEA DHC deals with the design, performance and operation of distribution systems and consumer installations.

IRENA Data and Statistics

Comprehensive open-access detailed statistics on renewable energy capacity, power generation and renewable energy balances, collected from member states and published by IRENA.

BPIE Knowledge Hub

The BPIE Knowledge Hub is an extensive library of resources for the latest knowledge related to energy performance of buildings.

JRC Publications - EU SCIENCE HUB

EU Sciece Hub with publications of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), providing EU citizens, governments and businesses with free digital access to official information and data from JRC research.

Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS)

Photovoltaic Geographical Information System

Daten- und Kartendienst der LUBW

Umweltdaten und -Karten online